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I’m here to help entrepreneurs and small business owners leverage their strengths to grow their business and thrive personally.

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Hi, I’m Jennifer. I help burned out small business owners and entrepreneurs build businesses that call to their strengths, reach their goals, and fulfill their wildest entrepreneurial dreams.

Take my “How Fried Are You?” assessment to find out where to start to lose those feelings of burnout, overwhelm and fear of failure.

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Use The Witty Entrepreneur Burn Out Detector to find out if its burnout, boredom, or just time to move on.

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One of the keys to personal and professional success is having strong boundaries.

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My Stop Being A Doormat workbook will help you create and enforce solid boundaries, stop taking crap from others, and show you how to stop feeling guilty for going after what you want.

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Nearly two decades as a business owner has taught Jennifer that when the going gets tough, find something that makes you laugh. Fast!

It takes courage and might to own and run a business. Jennifer will help you use your CliftonStrengths assessment results to unlock your unique combination of strengths and talents so that you are working smarter – not harder.

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